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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bedspred or tablecloth

I love lace and its romantic feel but I think I actually would rather use it as a tablecloth than a bedspread. Something about its ability to move with the wind or a light draft...

First market treasures

On one of my outing in Alès, I entered a small 'brocante', as they call antic shops in France; and as I looked at a nice piece of furniture, I spotted a very dirty yellowish pair of lace curtains. I enquired for the price and tought 20 euros was a bit pricey as I was not sure that washing could improve the look of these curtains.
Nevertheless in the following couple days I regretted my decision as I realised that the yellow color could help me get a wonderful old turquoise if I gave them a blue dyeing job.
So on saturday I went back to the boutique and to my great surprise not only were the curtains still there and crumpled in a corner but I also spotted a beautiful more ornate bedspread. As my luck increased , the shop owner was gone and her husband did not have much of a clue of how to price these fabrics.
So I made a great deal that day and I am still in the process of finding a function for these lacey wonders!

Free in the wind...

Where to best fit?

Beautiful over a red blanket

Beautiful over a red blanket
Beautiful over a red blanket